Magicians Without Borders-Diwali Show, Mastek Corp, Mumbai

 Magician Without Borders, India November 2015

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At a Diwali celebration organized by Mastek Limited software company for the young ladies of Asha Sadan girls’ home, the girls gave a performance of popular singing and dancing.
We followed with some well-received mime and magic. I had to have my photo taken with Mickey, of course.



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The main event was a great show by local magician, Sagar. The audience loved his colorful productions (which included live doves). Tom and I were thoroughly entertained and saw some new variations on classic tricks.

Diwali cake and sandwiches followed.

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Not a cake but a ‘rangoli’, a sand painting on the floor, in honor of Diwali


Accompanying us to the event were representatives of Our Children charity, our Mumbai hosts.






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  1. Way to go Chris. Hope all goes well for duration of the trip. If you have the ability, you know how much I treasure your documents of your temple visits.

  2. I love that sand painting. At first, I didn’t know what it was !

    It’s cool that you all spoke the language of magic !

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