Where on Earth was the Copper Cowboy in 2019?

ENGLAND: Canterbury, Bristol, Exeter, & York

Bristol England
York, with friend Alison and her mum


Tarragona; Sevilla; Jerez

Tarragona: Couldn’t compete with the real statues!
On the bus. Somewhere.



Chesterfield MA; Marblehead MA; Sheburne Falls MA; Brattleboro VT; Lincoln County Fair WY; Bannock County Fair ID; Utah State Fair UT; Long Island Fair NY

Chesterfield MA
Marblehead MA
Lincoln County Fair WY, with the Funny Little People
Utah State Fair UT
Long Island Fair NY with Scarecrow, Penny England
Shelburne Falls MA
Brattleboro VT, with Sandglass Theater friends
The Copper Cowboy’s Mobile Changing Room